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Pokémon GO's Raids Are Very Fun, But In Need Of Balancing And Better Mechanics

Pokemon GO's raids are live for most players, and while they're a lot of fun, there's a lot about them that needs adjustment as well.

How To Fight Raid Battles In 'Pokémon GO'

Raids are here in Pokémon GO, but it's an entirely different system than gyms. Here's how to fight raids in 'Pokémon GO.'

State Concludes Doctor-Sex Abuse Study With Brief Statement

Georgia has concluded a year-long review of physician sexual misconduct cases brought to light by an Atlanta newspaper with a plan to educate doctors.

Pokémon GO's Raids Add The One Thing The Game Has Been Missing Since Launch, And It's Great

Ever since launch, 'Pokémon GO' has been missing a genuine multiplayer feature. With raids now live, there's finally something to do with other players.

'Pokémon GO' Is Rolling Out Its Raids Fast: Level Requirement Down To 28

Yesterday, 'Pokémon GO' unveiled raids, but only for the most elite players. Now it seems the developer is rolling them out for everyone else quicker than expected, and we're getting a glimpse at what...

Gigi Hadid Is Still Very Into Pajamas And Heels

While you were sleeping, Gigi Hadid was removing buttons from her loungewear and adding high heels, succumbing again to the pajamas-as-outerwear trend. The model emerged from her apartment i...

There's Literally Only One Thing To Like About Pokemon GO's Big Gym Rework

'Pokémon GO' just unveiled its major gym rework, and it's pretty much just as bad the system that came before it. But now we've got gym badges, which is alright.

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